How to subscribe to Motorola software

1. Call: 800 422-4210, prompt 3, 1 parts ID.  Verify the RSS Radio Service Software ( also called CPS for Computer Programming Software)  part number for the radio you want to program.  3 year subscriptions typically cost $299.

Programming hardware and cables are additional cost
Radio RSS 3 Yr
Part #
Programming  Cable Part #
Programming Cable Part #
MotoTrbo RVN5115 PMKN4012
radio cable
radio cable
CP200 / CM / PR RVN4191 RLN4008
rib box
radio cable

power supply

computer cable

radio cable

FKN8096 adapter

CP185 RVN5194 PMDN4077
USB radio cable
CP110 RVN5149 RKN4155
radio cable
BPR40 RVN5081 PMDN4043
radio cable

2. Browse to:  Fill out and submit the form.   Questions? 800 422-4210 x 6810

3. After ( c. 24-48 hours ) you receive a user ID and PW,  navigate to: and enter the site.  Go to tabs "Resource Center" then "Software Support" and complete  a "license agreement."  Questions? 800 422-4210 x 6810

4. After (c. 24-48 hours) you receive your license acceptance, call: 800 422-4210, prompt 1, 1 and either enter your order verbally with the CSR or alternatively go back to, go to "Quick Buy" and enter your RSS part number and a quantity of 1.

There is no shopping cart. Software available only by direct subscription under license from Motorola.
Please order programming cables and hardware by phone below to verify your requirements.

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Updated: May 19, 2010