MOTOROLA CP110™, CP185™, CP200™, CT150, CT250, CT450,
P1225, SP50, GP300, & P110 ACCESSORIES from Warehouse Radio
Accessory Model Price
Specify VHF or UHF bandsplit

All Antennas:
¼-32 x 3/16" Thread fits: RADIUS P10, P50, SP10, TS10, SP21, SP50, P100, HT50, P100, P110, GP300, GP350, HT600, P200, P1225  SABER, all SPIRIT,  HT750,  HT1250,CT150, CT250, CT450, CP150, CP200 chassis and MORE!

PMAD-4023 5.5" VHF Antenna 

PMAD-4012 3.5" VHF Stubby Antennas 

PMAE-4003 3.5" UHF Stubby Antenna 
(SUBS 8504762J08)

NAE-6483 6" UHF Antennas

NAD-6502 6" VHF Antenna

Audio Accessories
Single Ear Headset

Consumable Extras:
3580371E59 Replacement windscreen
 for boom microphone $4.25

5080371E66 Replacement ear pad $7.19





Behind-the-Head Style
(can be worn with hardhat)
 Heavy Duty Dual Muff Headset
with noise cancelling mike

Noise reduction rating = 24dB

 A push-to-talk button is located on the ear cup. A VOX switch on the ear cup activates VOX operation on compatible radios
Earbud HLN-9132 Earbud $22
HMN9013 Radius Light Weight Headset  HMN-9013B  Headset
Works with VOX option on
appropriate portables
Dual Muff NR=24 Over-the-head
HMN-9021A Dual Muff Headset
Works with VOX option on
appropriate portables

Noise reduction rating = 24dB


HMN-9022A Dual Muff Headset
Behind-the-Head Style
(can be worn with hardhat)

 Noise reduction rating = 24dB

HMN-9036 Earbud with PTT Microphone
2 wire
Earpiece HMN-9727 Earphone
Over-the-Ear Earpiece
Compatible with BPR40
2-Wired Surveillance Earpiece
with combined Mic/PTT Beige
PMLN 4294 Earbud w PTT mike PMLN-4294C
Earbud style Earpiece
with PTT Microphone
2 wire
PMLN 5001 Temple Transducer PMLN-5011A
Compatible with BPR40
Temple Transducer Earpiece
with PTT boom Microphone
PMMN 4001 Push-to-talk inline ! PMMN-4001A 
Ultra Lite Earpiece with PTT Microphone
PMMN4013 speaker mike for CP200, CP150, PR400, BPR40, GP300, & SP10 PMNN-4013 Remote Speaker mike
has earphone jack for RLN-4941
Compatible with BPR40
You're free to talk without holding your radio
 Fits CP150, CP200, PR400, BPR40, CT150, CT250, CT450, SP50, P1225, P110, GP300 chassis
RLN-4941 Earpiece w translucent tube
Fits PMNN-4013 Speaker mike
PMLN5001 2-wire earpiece with PTT PMLN-5001 D-Shell Earpiece PTT
One year Motorola warranty
Replacing AAHMN9052 part number

Fits HT750 HT1250 HT1550
HTX825, MTX850, MTX950, & PR860

RLN5198 Surveillance Kit Click for details RLN-5198 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
Compatible with BPR40
Beige with clear acoustic tube

Black color RLN5318A

Works great in high-noise environments.

NFL Style Lightweight Headset

Not BPR40 compatible.

 Similar to the headsets worn by coaching staff in the NFL.

Provides discreet two-way communications while adding comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments. It’s ideal for both sports and special events. Features a noise canceling boom microphone and in-line Push-to-Talk. Large Motorola logo adds a sporty appearance. 
RLN-5500A Retainer Kit
Holds audio accessories plug
securely in jack.
Fits CP150 / CP200 radios.


RMN4016 with Inline PTT Button RMN-4016B Light Weight HEADSET
with inline push-to-talk switch
RMN4017 HT Ultra light Headset
with boom mike
for HT750, HT1250, HT1550

BDN6774A Headset
for VL50, CLS, M-Series, XTN, CP100, RDX, CP110,
and DTR


Dual Muff Racing Headset

Motorola is the Official Wireless Equipment supplier of CART®, so whether your playing field is a racetrack, construction site or other challenging environment, you can count on this racing headset for superior comfort and dependable operation.

RKN4090A Adapter cable required







Heavy Duty NFL Headset RMN5047 RMN-5047A
NFL Style Heavy Duty Headset

Compatible with BPR40

 Similar to the headsets worn by coaching staff in the NFL.

Provides discreet two-way communications while adding comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments. It’s ideal for both sports and special events. Features a noise canceling boom microphone, adjustable headset, sealed ear-cup, and in-line Push-to-Talk. Large Motorola logo adds a sporty appearance.
Carrying Accessories
 Belt Loop and swivel case for radio LEATHERSMITH™ Case 
with  retainer cord,
 D-rings, belt swivel loop


SP 50 STANDARD  5063-345
SP 50+ COMPACT 5062-345
P1225 MODEL  7096-345
CT150, CT250, CT450  5196-345
CP150 CP200 & PR400 5110-345

  HLN9150A strap

Shoulder strap attaches to case "D" rings

HLN6602 Chest Pack

Adjustable strap holds your radio to
your chest

Fits SP 50, P1225, GP300, GP350 6" Belt clips HLN-8255 3" Spring Action better Belt Clip
fits 2 1/4" wide belt
Fits CP150 CP200 PR400 GP300 P1225
Fits CTR Series Radios HLN-9714  Spring Action better 2½" Belt Clip
Fits HT 750 HT1250
CT150 CT250 CT450

HLN9844 spring clip HLN9844 2 1/2" Spring Belt Clip
Fits CP125™, CP185™, PR860, PR1500, MT1500
HTN-3000 Intelli-charger
for HT750, HT1250, HT1550
SP 50 Drop-in Chargers HTN-9013
SP 50 Quick Charger
3-hr Charging Time

HTN-9014 slow charger no longer available

Chargers for P1225, GP300, GP350, P110 HTN-9702 P1225, GP300, GP350, P110
10 hrs charging time
HTN-9042 P1225, GP300, GP350, P110
90 min. IntelliCharger
HTN 9060A P1225, P110, GP300 6 Radio Gang Charger HTN-9060A
P1225, P110, GP300
6 radio multi-unit charger
90 min charging time
AAPMTN4038 CT Radio Rapid Charger AAPMTN4038 CT 150, CT250, CT450
Single Rapid Charger
RLN5218 CT Radio  MUC RLN5-218 CT 150, CT250, CT450
6 Unit Rapid Charger

2 hrs charging time
Default CP200 charger
WPLN-4138 CP150 & CP200
(1) WPLN4137AR drop-in tray ($49)
(1) EPNN9288A

For all CP & PR Batteries:
NNTN4496 1100mAh NiCd
NNTN4497  1800 mAh Li-ion
NNTN4851 1400 mAh NiMH
NNTN4852 1300 mAh
NiMH Factory Mutual
NNTN4970 1600 mAh Slim Li-ion

10 hrs charging time
Default CP150 charger
WPLN-4155 CP150 & CP200
(1) WPLN4172  drop-in tray ($22)
(1) EPNN7997A (2589354G01)transformers ($6.30)

Only for NiCd CP battery
NNTN4496 1100mAh

Click for more 6-Shot Klein Gang Charger Info 6-shot™ RC-2022 Gang Charger
Klein Rocket Science manufacturer
Pockets available for most radio models
Price includes 6 pockets
One year warranty

Wall mountable.  110VAC / 12 V DC mobile operations
220VAC model available same price..

Click for MUC detail WPLN-4161AR 110VAC
CP150 & CP200
6 Radio Multi-Unit Charger
or CP Batteries:
NNTN4496 Standard  NiCd
NNTN4497  Li-ion
NNTN4852 NiMH Factory Mutual
NNTN4970 Slim Li-ion

2 hrs charging time